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Junk Car Removal and Towing Edmonton

Junk Car Edmonton is Auto removal service business based in Edmonton, Alberta. We provide vehicle removing services for all types of unwanted cars, junk cars, free car removals, wrecked cars, smashed cars throughout Edmonton and its surrounding areas. We offer good amount of cash for scrap cars, specialize in old car removals, car wreckage removal, recycling of old, abandoned and unwanted cars and scrap metal recycling. We are experts in providing car towing services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc and more.

Get paid in Cash for junk car Edmonton

If you have an unwanted vehicle that needs to be towed, call us and we will take care of your junk without any cost for you. In fact you get to earn money. We pay top cash and buy your scrap vehicle at the best rates in Canada. We buy all the old automobiles and recycle them in a way that sustains the environment. We pay cash for your scrap on spot. We are known to provide the best rates for junk cars in Edmonton. We have been providing vehicle removal and towing services in Alberta for years. Towing vehicles can be expensive and a waste of not only resources but also money. Our removal services are low cost, efficient so that no time is wasted in the process and free in cases that qualify. We provide automobile removal services for residential vehicle owners as well as commercial and business vehicle owners. We are experts in FREE junk car removal services that are not just efficient but also professional.

There are times when one needs to get their old vehicle towed and this is where we step in. We provide you with transport and take the old automobile off your hands, then we dismantle scrap car where and when it is safe to do so. We have a team that can visit your premises for a FREE ESTIMATE on your scrap metal, vehicle or scrap car.

Old Junk Cars


We are known to provide the best junk car removal services in Edmonton and its surrounding areas including St. Albert, Sherwood Park and Leduc. We offer hassle free and efficient car removal services, and cheapest car towing services in Alberta. Looking for FREE vehicle towing services in Edmonton, you have come to the right place.

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Cash For Clunker

Scrap cars can be a problem. Our company is keen to take your junk auto and any other old vehicles off your hands and pay you money for it. What can be better than earning cash for clunkers? We will take care of disposing off your old vehicle, and take care of any car crushing in Edmonton, Alberta in environmental friendly way.



Sell Used Car

Our Company strives hard to provide our customers with the best and cheapest used tires Edmonton has to offer. We are Used Tires Wholesalers, sellers  and distributors. We have stacked piles of tires that may be used but are in excellent condition. This makes it easy to look through and choose the most suitable tires for your car, van tires or truck tires.