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We have been providing junk car removal services for years in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Leduc and other surrounding areas, making us experts in this field. We are known to provide the cheapest and most efficient towing services for any scrap vehicle removal or wrecked vehicles. If you are looking for FREE junk car towing services, we are the people who can help you. If you have an automobile that is old, worn out, does not function, we can rescue you from such an ordeal at no cost to you. We will provide you with the best FREE vehicle removal services in Canada.

Scrap Cars can be a problem to deal with. However, we can make things simple and profitable for you at the same time. You can now earn some money on your vehicle in Edmonton. Get the best value for your automobile by contacting us. Tell us about your old beat up vehicle and we will take it off your hands and pay you cash for your clunkers. Most people do not know that even old worn out and wrecked cars have some value and it can earn them some money. We offer top dollar value for scrap vehicle. If your vehicle is in little workable condition where parts can be salvaged and reused, you can get the best cash value for it. Not many people are aware of the fact that instead of paying to get your old car towed, you can earn some cash for unwanted vehicle.

We take over all your towing and automobile removal needs and any old unwanted vehicle is removed without any cost incurred to you. Call us and we will help you with all your Junk Auto removal needs FREE of any cost.

Our vehicle removal services include but are not limited to:

Old beaten up vehicles, Scrap cars, Wrecked vehicles, damaged automobiles, Edmonton Junk cars, Old trucks, Cash junk car, salvage cars, vans, SUVs, classic automobiles not functioning, Car recycle services, Scrap metal trucks, Salvage Autos, trailers and more.