Used Car Buyers


cash_damaged_car_buyerMany local towns and cities have specific laws about having junk lying around in the yard. If you have a nosy and unpleasant neighbor, he might even call authorities if he doesn’t like the look of your old scrap car in his sight. These authorities can force you to remove the unwanted old car or even penalize you for it. You can be fined in some cases. Avoid all the hassle by calling Edmonton Junk Car removal, we will give you cash quote and set you up with free towing. Avoid all the fines or even court time, while earning some cash on your scrap car at the same time.  You can earn lot of money depending on the condition of the vehicle, like its weight, completeness and condition. Whether it is working and running does not matter, as long as it has car parts you can earn good money. So ask yourself, Do i need to remove junk car in Edmonton? Answer is mostly leaving an abandoned looking vehicle is a liability. What can i get for my junk car in Alberta? Call us and we can help you with getting cash for your junk auto right now.

cash_for_your_carThe best way to avoid any altercations with the law on your old vehicle is by not keeping your non-operating, wrecked or damaged vehicle, truck, SUV or Van open on the property to be visible for more than 72 hours. Avoid being impounded or fined by the community where you would have to end up paying hefty charges for the removal. The best would be to get it towed for free and get paid in cash by Edmonton Scrap Yard. The same applies for unregistered vehicles such as trailers and trucks. Do not let your old ‘Classic’ vehicle to get you penalized unnecessarily. Call Edmonton Junk Car CA, We will have your scrap towed for FREE and even pay you top dollars for it.