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Sell your unwanted junk car this winter

accident_car_TowingSelling the junk car could be a great way to free some space in your garage and to earn a surprising amount of money. Why is it necessary to dismantle this part of your assets?

These old clunkers cannot assist you in any way. They can be either sold out or allowed to capture the ground of your home as a bad looking decoration piece. When we call it a junk that means it is not able to start and move. In short it is damaged till the end point. No doubt, some people do keep them as a decoration thing because of the reason that the asset may have been gifted to them or it might be their father’s favourite car. So they are only kept because of the close relationships factor. But thinking sensibly, a junk car doesn’t have any more value for you. This is the time to take a step and have an addition in your earning. Selling it for a good use in exchange of some good money is much better than letting the thing waste away. A good news about taking the decision to scrap a car is that the process isn’t subjected to any law, legal documentation or taxes.

How much profit can you earn with that? A car is composed of a lot of worthy spare parts and functions. It is not possible that everything within a car’s body has been damaged and placed as a junk at the same time. For example, a severe accident may have damaged the engine, couple of tires, windows, mirrors, outer body etc. What about the two other tires, the gear box, protection shields or anything left undamaged? It’s a genuine skill to find out what part of your car is still in order. The point is, if you have got enough time in your daily schedule and you are willing to earn maximum amount of money for your clunker, then start separating the worthy parts of your car and sell them separately. Tires or gear boxes etc. can give you a pretty amount of money if sold. You can even contact with other owners of cars like your car, who may prefer your spare parts as their car’s replacements. A friend’s help may be considered for this particular case, before looking forward for a scrap dealer or some companies who are willing to purchase these cars. There are a lot of dealers and companies around.

winter_car_accident_removalNon-profit organizations and charities also accept junk cars but they do not pay money for them. Benefit for the seller in there depends on the law of the country. Like in some countries, the seller’s tax amount is decreased if the car is given to charities. Hiring a company to tow the car away is a step wise process. There are a lot of companies offering free car removal and on the other side, there are some who will cost you the price of transportation. These companies can be contacted online or by the phone. A fixed price should be negotiated before calling a company to finally free up the garage. Reliable companies will surely pay the agreed upon amount, mostly depending on the type of vehicle. Bigger vehicles can always get you more money from scrap dealers. Companies use the working parts of the car as replacements for other vehicles and everything else remaining with the body is kept as stock for recycling and reincarnating as something totally different. This is a one in all ways to get rid of the headache and earning money without doing much effort, as most of the work in procedure is done by the company you hire for free. Everything from towing the car to letting it sit in the junkyard is done by the companies.

You should always search for the best reputable companies, so you have a surety of being paid.

Used Car Buyer Tips

Buying a used car involved lots of risk. It is really  a harrowing experience where everybody suggests you what to follow and what to check before doing a deal. There are certain tips which, if followed well will never let you regret. However, this tip can enhance your buying experience. Used Car Buyer

The first step to purchase a used car is to fix your budget. First, you have to decide how much you are going to spend for the vehicle. In the meanwhile you should not miss to consider the amount you may need for immediate repair and upgradation. After estimating all these things you can enter into the market to check the offers.

Second step is to check what the best deal you can get for your budget, you just have to survey the market. Generally the used car comes in less value so in the price of a small car you can buy a big used car. Some company owned used car outlets like True Value and  First  Choice. So you will not face a problem in getting a used car if you are very clear  about your requirement and budget.

Thirdly shortlist the vehicle of your requirement. A secondhand big car can come in less price, but the ownership transfer may cost much. Always stretch your horizons and try out the different alternative available in the same budget, for example, if you are searching for Hyundai Santro, then you can also look for Wagon R and Maruti Zen.

Next step is  to research  the prospective used car. It is very difficult to get a good used car deal. So before finalizing the deal you should satisfy yourself about the condition of the used vehicle. Ensure that the money you are paying is going to utilize in a correct way. The best way to make sure about the vehicle is to examine it by a reliable mechanic.

The other thing  which should  not  suffer is the paperwork.. Ensure that the legal papers of the vehicle is valid enough. All these legal documents are required at the time of registering the vehicle in your own name.

Always try a test drive before buying  the car. By driving the vehicle you will be able to learn  a lot of things. The major issues that you should notice while taking   a test  drive are the engine noise and vibration. You should check whether the brakes work well and if the car make any unusual sound at the time of turning.

After conforming all the detail of the car you can negotiate the deal. You have every right to argue why the price is so high. You have to compare the deal with other alternatives available in the market and if anyway you find the deal is not a good one  you can walk out of the deal.  Never a used car has been on fixed priced so you can bargain on the price aspect.

At Junk Car Edmonton, we pay you the most money for your used car.  Call now and have one of our professional give you a quote right over the phone.

Environmentally Friendly Car Removal

It is seen that every year near about two millions of  vehicles get obsolete and reach the end of their life. That is due to the age, its wear and tear or due to after effect of meeting an accident. These vehicles when reached the end of their life has of no use for the owner and are legally disposed of. It’s expensive to  discard  the  vehicles. The vehicles put a wrong impact on the environment, it looks ugly and lower down your status in the neighborhoods. The vehicle unnecessarily occupies a major parking space of your  garage. You can not think of destroying them off as that will be a dangerous task. There  always  be a risk of explosion and a hazard of dangerous waste. They can leak a dangerous fluid which is highly inflammable. So destroying a car has some life risk. So what is the way. How should we get rid of an old unusable car. Truly speaking, it is the responsibility of the local authority to remove and dispose such an abandoned vehicle.


There are various reasons of getting a vehicle abandoned. But there is not a specific guideline for that. There are lots of reasons why people abandon their vehicles, like if the scrap value of the abandon vehicle increased. Sometimes the value of used cars is decreasing. While in some other cases the driver are not the legal owner of the vehicle. They don’t  even have the correct road tax and insurance documents. Another reason is high monitoring cost that is parking fine, speeding fine etc. Sometimes the charges thus exceed the cost of the vehicle and at that time the owner of the vehicle was left with no option then abandoned. At times the vehicle needs more maintenance when it is old, so it is cheaper to abandon. It is difficult to continue with the vehicle. The vehicle is involved in a criminal activity. Lastly, any personal cause to the owner of the vehicle like death, illness, or imprisonment may also lead to the vehicle abandoned.

A lot of junk car buyer is now coming into the picture, the abandoned vehicle removers are celebrating by junking cars. They do their work of eliminating the environment hazards surviving in the auto recycling industry. They take the challenge of creating a hazard free environment. Their activity is no doubt beneficial for both the employee and the owner. The recycling process helps the cars to be on the road. The junk car can be sold to the national  junk car buyer, which in turn can be reprocessed and come to market again. People now understand that the auto recycling industry begins with the end-of life vehicles. Your no use vehicle has a great use for the auto wreckers. It is very easy to get the same to get a junk car buyer. So always think of the great fighters  who gave their lives for the sake of freedom.


cash_damaged_car_buyerMany local towns and cities have specific laws about having junk lying around in the yard. If you have a nosy and unpleasant neighbor, he might even call authorities if he doesn’t like the look of your old scrap car in his sight. These authorities can force you to remove the unwanted old car or even penalize you for it. You can be fined in some cases. Avoid all the hassle by calling Edmonton Junk Car removal, we will give you cash quote and set you up with free towing. Avoid all the fines or even court time, while earning some cash on your scrap car at the same time.  You can earn lot of money depending on the condition of the vehicle, like its weight, completeness and condition. Whether it is working and running does not matter, as long as it has car parts you can earn good money. So ask yourself, Do i need to remove junk car in Edmonton? Answer is mostly leaving an abandoned looking vehicle is a liability. What can i get for my junk car in Alberta? Call us and we can help you with getting cash for your junk auto right now.

cash_for_your_carThe best way to avoid any altercations with the law on your old vehicle is by not keeping your non-operating, wrecked or damaged vehicle, truck, SUV or Van open on the property to be visible for more than 72 hours. Avoid being impounded or fined by the community where you would have to end up paying hefty charges for the removal. The best would be to get it towed for free and get paid in cash by Edmonton Scrap Yard. The same applies for unregistered vehicles such as trailers and trucks. Do not let your old ‘Classic’ vehicle to get you penalized unnecessarily. Call Edmonton Junk Car CA, We will have your scrap towed for FREE and even pay you top dollars for it.


EdmontonJunkCarNowadays people don’t realize that their old scrap car that is just sitting in their garage is worth some money. Market for used car parts in Edmonton is thriving. Whether your junk auto is running or not, it does not matter. It still has some parts that can be used for comparable car models, thus giving junk vehicle some cash value. Car owners go to auto salvage yards to sell car parts and at the same time owners of wrecked and damaged cars go to these auto recyclers to buy used car parts at a fraction of cost. You can get paid for your junk vehicle by just sitting at home and calling Edmonton junk car towing company. Get paid top dollars for your any junk vehicle and you don’t even have to worry about paying for junk car removal. It is all taken care of by these Edmonton junk car towing companies.

Old vehicle sitting at home is costing money in Canada. You have to pay insurance and registration which keeps getting accumulated over time. What is the point of paying out of your pocket for a vehicle that is of no use to you? Thus, Selling used Car, old junk truck, or damaged van can be beneficial as you not only earn money out of the transaction but also save big bucks on auto insurance and car registration.

Recycling car in an environmentally safe way is a responsibility for those who are answerable to their own conscience. The best way to go about it is to call all Edmonton junk car removal companies and find out how they recycle and dispose junk automobiles. To find out more about the value of your junk auto, call towing companies in Edmonton and give them details about the make, model and year of your vehicle and they will let you know the price they will pay you for your scrap auto. Don’t wait any longer, call and make some money off the junk sitting in your garage that is a liability to you.

Sell My Used Car

cash_for_carDo you have a used car that you no longer drive. Are you sick and tired of paying insurance and registration on it. Would you like to get rid of it and get paid dollars to do so. Well, you have come to the right place. We at Junk Car Edmonton not only buy your used vehicle, but we pay best value for it. No matter what the condition of the car is, we will buy it off you. Even if the car does not start or cannot be driven, we will still buy it.

Our professional used car buyers will check your vehicle on the spot and provide you with best value quotation. The quotation is free of charge and there is no catch. If the price we offer meats your expectations, we will give you cash right there and there.

used_car_cashWe provide 100% free towing of the vehicle so you don’t have to worry about that either. We work with many charities so if you are looking to donate your car, then we can arrange for the that too. Give us a call now and find out why people choose us time again and again to sell their used car.